bmobile’s Reward Programme

Consumer Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to TSTT’s bmobile Rewards Programme (the “Programme”). The Programme allows a participant therein to earn points through the use of certain TSTT products and services, which points can be redeemed for discounts, purchases and other benefits, at TSTT stores or any of TSTT designated Partner Merchant stores.

By participating in the Programme you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

  1. Definitions
      a) “Loyalty Account” means the account to which points accumulated under the Programme will be assigned.
      b) “Loyalty Card” means the physical hard card that is issued by TSTT to customer for use in the Programme
      c) “Programme” means TSTT’s bmobile Rewards Programme
      d) “Reward Points” means points earned and accumulated under the Programme.
      e) “You”, Your, or “Participant” means a TSTT bmobile subscriber who has successfully enrolled to participate in the Programme;
      f) “We”, “Us” or “Our” means TSTT.
  2. Participation

      2.1 Eligibility

      The Programme is open to Trinidad and Tobago local and foreign residents that are 18 years or older.

      2.2 Enrolment Procedure

      2.2.1 In order to become a Participant, you must register for the Programme. To register you:

        (a) will be required to present your identification card, Drivers Permit or Passport;
        (b) must be the registered owner of the account
        (c) must be in possession of your mobile phone; and
        (d) must provide all mandatory account information requested by TSTT.

      2.2.2 Upon successful registration, a Loyalty Card will be issued and assigned to you, for your use and participation in the Programme.

  3. Warranties Given By the Participant

      3.1 In addition to complying with the provisions of these terms and conditions you warrant to TSTT that:

        (a) The information and/or personal data given by you at registration is complete, true and accurate and that you will inform TSTT of any subsequent changes to such particulars.
        (b) You will not sell, barter or attempt to assign, transfer or deal with the Reward Points accrued otherwise than as authorised by these terms and conditions.
        (c) You will give to TSTT such information as is requested in order to verify your entitlements under the Programme or for any other reasonable purpose whatsoever.
        (d) You own or are authorised to use the TSTT bmobile phone against which usage Reward Points will accrue.
        (e) You will at all times be solely responsible for the safety and use of your Reward points and your Loyalty Card. TSTT accepts no responsibility or liability for account holders that issue or give their phones and/or Cards to others. This applies to all prepaid and postpaid account holders including family, business and corporate plans.
  4. Reward Points
      4.1 The accrual of Reward Points will be on the basis of your enrolment, usage, stay on TSTT’s bmobile network and such other criteria as TSTT may in its sole and absolute discretion decide from time to time. Reward Points shall begin to accumulate upon registration to the Programme. Points will not be issued retroactively of registration.
      4.2 Reward Points of one Participant cannot be combined with those of other Participants.
      4.3 Reward Points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash or any other consideration and shall not be sold.
      4.4 The Reward Points you accrue do not constitute your property nor do the points entitle you to a vested right or interest and in this regard are not transferable, or assignable to any other Participant or person save as stated in these terms and conditions except that Points are transferrable in the circumstances where a customer transfers his/her subscriber type from Postpaid to Prepaid and vice versa.
      4.5 In the event your participation in the Programme is subject to the approval of a third party then TSTT will not be liable to you in the event it complies with the instructions of such person in determining your continued enrolment and redemption of accrued Reward Points. The burden of proving ownership of the enrolled phone/account rests with the third party who will be required to provide sufficient proof of ownership of the phone/account including without limitation the SIM and SIM pack containing the PIN and PUK numbers.
      4.6 TSTT makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the merchantability, fitness for a particular use or otherwise, regarding any merchandise or other rewards or services obtained by redemption.
      4.7 Without limitation TSTT is not liable to you for any direct or indirect loss, damage or expense arising from your participation in the Programme, regardless of whether the same arose from negligence, breach of contract or otherwise, and regardless of whether TSTT has any control over the circumstances giving rise to the claim or not.
      4.8 TSTT reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion to set any quota for, or replace or withdraw any featured Reward at any time and to substitute any Reward requested for redemption by a Participant for a different Reward of comparable point value to the particular Reward requested by the Participant.
      4.9The redeemers of all points and/or benefits will be required to identify themselves through the presentation of such documentation as shall be considered suitable for verification by TSTT including but not limited to any of the following forms of identification: national Identification Card, Driver’s Permit or Passport.
      4.10 By redeeming Reward Points you release TSTT from any and all liability regarding the redemption of the Reward Points.
      4.11 TSTT is not responsible or liable for any redemption of your Reward Points balance where the redemption was not authorised by you.
  5. Available Rewards and how to redeem your points
      5.1 Prepaid Accounts One (1) point will be issued for every $1.00 topped up by a customer. Points will be issued against the account and the validation process will be attached to the mobile number of the account holder. If a customer changes his/her subscriber type from Prepaid to Postpaid or vice versa, his/her point balance will be transferred accordingly.
      5.2 Postpaid Accounts

      One (1) point will be issued for every $1.00 payment made by a customer.

      Payments are the amount paid toward new monthly charges of the current postpaid plan. The points issued will be net of VAT. Points will be issued against the account and via the validation process will be attached to the mobile number of the responsible account holder.

  6. Redemption
      • Points can be redeemed at any of the Participating Merchants. This will include bmobile stores and its merchant partner network.
      • Customers must provide their Loyalty Card and one form of valid identification at point of redemption.
      • Points will be deducted automatically from customer’s point balance upon redemption.
      6.2 Customers can fall under one (1) of the following three (3) tiers:
      • Platinum;
      • Gold; or
      • Club

      Default Tier:

      Customers will fall into a default category before registration. These categories are based on average monthly spend.

      Category Monthly Spend
      Club $ 0.01 - $300.00
      Gold $ 300.01 - $1000.00
      Platinum $1000.01 & Over
  7. Evaluation Period
      7.1 Promotions and Relegations are performed on the customer’s top up or payment activity every 3 months from the date of registration.
      7.2 There are two evaluation types:

      Best of 3mths: This is where the system will evaluate the customers last 6 months of payments and use the best or highest 3 months of the 6 month period to determine if the customer is eligible for promotion to the next tier or demotion to a lower tier.

      Last 3 months: This is where the system will evaluate the customers last 3 months of payments and use only these to calculate the average for the tier promotion or demotion.

      Last 6 months:This is where the system will evaluate the customers last 6 months of payments and use only these to calculate the average for the tier promotion or demotion.

      7.3 Club and Gold members can be promoted and only Gold and Platinum members can be demoted.
      7.4 The evaluation criteria for promotion of a Club or Gold member to Platinum will be the last 6 months. The evaluation criteria for promotion of a Club member to a Gold member will be the last 3 months. The criteria for relegation will be the best of 3 months.

    Issuance of Cards to customers that have been promoted or relegated

      7.5 These customers will still be able to perform redemptions at Partner Merchants Stores. If the customers come to a bmobile retail store they will be made to upgrade or downgrade their cards before any transaction is performed.
  8. Reward Benefits Advertised

    Partner stores and/or Reward benefits advertised from time to time and featured at the TSTT website ( is subject to availability. The receipt by TSTT of an intention to redeem such items will not constitute a reservation of that item.

  9. Expiration of Reward Points
      9.1 Points Expiry – Rolling

      Points expire if no points have been earned for 120 days. This means that a customer will lose all their points if they do not top up (prepaid) or pay their bill (postpaid) for 120 days.

      Points Expiry – Annual

      9.2 Points that are earned in the current year must be redeemed by the end of March the following year failing which such points will automatically expire. For Eg. Points earned in January 2013 must be used by 31st March 2014, otherwise such points will expire.

      9.3 Points shall also expire in the following circumstances:
        (i) upon deactivation or the close of a Postpaid or Prepaid account;
        (ii) upon inactivity of a Prepaid or Postpaid account for more than 4 consecutive months;
        (iii) if a Participant’s account has been inactive and has been deleted in accordance with TSTT’s post paid or prepaid terms and conditions relative to inactive accounts.
      9.4 Expired points will be deemed to have been forfeited by the Participant.
      9.5 TSTT will not be obligated to offer an extension on expired points nor offer any cash refunds or other exchanges or compensation whatsoever for expired Rewards Points.
  10. Use of Personal Data
      10.1 TSTT will use and be entitled to disclose the personal information you provide for the following purposes:
        (a) Administering the Programme;
        (b) Fraud prevention and law enforcement;
        (c) Marketing and research related activities;
        (d) Such other purposes as may be provided in the terms and conditions of use of any of TSTT’s products and services;
        (e) Compliance with any legal requirements or court order.
      10.2 By registering to be a Participant of the Programme customer consents to TSTT sending text messages about special offers, promotions and other marketing material, to Customer’s registered phone.
  11. Termination of the Programme

    Upon termination of the Programme you will be required to redeem your Reward Points within two (2) months from the date on which TSTT publishes a notice of termination. Points not redeemed within this period will be deemed to have expired and thereby forfeited by the Participant.

  12. Miscellaneous
      12.1 The Programme and Reward Points are offered at the sole and absolute discretion of TSTT. TSTT reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the Programme including but not limited to the minimum number of Reward Points required to redeem a particular reward, types of rewards, conditions of participation and so on, even though such changes may affect the redemption value of the Reward Points already accumulated. Subsequent modifications to these terms and conditions will be posted at bmobile’s website.
      12.2 In the event these terms and conditions are amended or varied as provided in item 12.1 above then your continued participation in the Programme after such variation will be deemed to be an acceptance of such a variation.
      12.3 TSTT reserves the right to change, at any time, with or without notice, any aspect of the Programme. This right includes, but is not limited to changes in Partner Merchant affiliation; these terms and conditions; the rules governing the Programme; and Special features or promotional offers.
      12.4 TSTT is not responsible for a Partner Merchant’s termination of its participation in the Programme.
      12.5 Additional or revised rules/terms and conditions relative to the Programme may be communicated to you from time to time through text messages, updates posted on the bmobile website, points statements, news updates, mailings, oral or written disclosures made by customer service representatives at our Retail Stores or Partner Store.
  13. Card Replacement Fee

    The first card that TSTT issues to you shall be issued free of charge. In the event your card is lost, stolen or damaged or has to be replaced for whatever reason other than due to TSTT’s fault then a replacement fee of $20.00 + VAT shall be payable by you for such replacement.

    This replacement fee can either be a cash payment made at any of our bmobile Retail stores.

  14. Deregistration and Termination
      14.1 You will be able to deregister yourself from the Programme by calling 800-4400 or by visiting a bmobile store and making such request.
      14.2 TSTT reserves the right to terminate the Programme at any time, without providing justification and without liability to you. Notice will be published in a local daily and will be effective immediately upon publication of the notice. In such event Participants will be required to redeem their Reward Points within the period set out in Clause 11 above.
      14.3 TSTT reserves the right to terminate your participation in the Programme forthwith in the following circumstances:
        (a) Upon any detection of fraud or attempted fraud relating to your enrolment, registration, the accrual and redemption of Reward Points;
        (b) Breach of any of these terms and conditions;
        (c) If as post paid subscriber; you terminate your post paid agreement and do not migrate to a pre-paid phone/account;
        (d) Any other circumstances (justification for which will not be provided) as may be reasonably determined by TSTT.
      14.4 If your participation in the Programme is terminated under any of the circumstances set out in clause 14.3 above you will lose your right to redeem your accumulated Reward Points and the same will be deemed to have been forfeited. In addition TSTT reserves the right to take appropriate legal action as it deems necessary to recover damages and other expenses incurred in pursing any related action.
      14.5 14.5 In the event an account is closed or deactivated, points will also be removed from that Loyalty account associated with that MSISDN account.
      14.6 If you wish to change your phone number, accumulated points for the current number will be deactivated and a new point accumulation will begin for the changed number.
  15. Disputes

    These terms and conditions are subject to reasonable interpretation by TSTT and any questions or disputes regarding a Participant’s eligibility for the Programme, the earning and redemption of Reward Points and a Participants compliance with these terms and conditions will be resolved by TSTT and decisions reached will be final.